About MPS Farms

MPS Farming LLC is a veteran and family owned agricultural operation located in western Hickman county, Centerville Tennessee since 1994.  Started by Bruce Magoon, Joe Pinkerton, and Sean Stites, they raised traditional crops as well as cattle and hogs.  Over the years, the operation diversified into value added enterprises such as Non-GMO quality animal feed, flour and oil production.

Committed to improving soil health and sustainability, MPS has been recognized for its conservation practices and award winning yields.


Non-GMO Canola Oil

Unrefined, Unbleached, and not deodorized, our non-GMO Canola oil is truly a treat!  Made from expeller pressed non-GMO canola grown right here in Hickman County, our canola is never sprayed with any pesticides, to include harvest aids.

Allowed to ripen naturally, the canola seed is cleaned gently with air then expeller pressed and filtered using 100% pure Diatomaceous Earth (DE).  This leaves our Non-GMO Canola oil clean and bright and healthy.  Rich in vitamins E and K and with a great omega 3/6 ratio, this ALA rich oil is better for you than the best virgin olive oil.

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Non-GMO Feeds

We offer Non GMO feeds to our customers that are made right here on the farm, using the crops we grow.

Our non-GMO family farm produces high quality non-GMO feed from clean, healthy grains. We select only clean, whole grain that has a great smell, looks good enough to feed to our own animals, and is from reputable growers. Our proprietary feed blends are designed to support optimal animal health and growth. Our feed contains no added hormones, no antibiotics, and no medications.

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Non-GMO Corn Meal/Flour

Momma Magoon’s Corn Flour is Non-GMO, Vegan and Gluten Free. it has good Fiber and protein. easy to digest and good for the digestive system. It is better than processed white flour and the fiber in corn flour can help you stay fuller between meals.

Our corn flour does not contain the meal, so is very soft and fine. It is very nice in baked goods, it can be used on its own or combined with other flour types for cooking and baking.

It can also be used for thickening although it is not corn starch. Corn flour is great for breading meats and Vegetables and then frying or baking them.

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Non-GMO Corn Meal

Like Our Corn Flour, Momma Magoon’s Non-GMO Corn Meal is also Vegan and Gluten Free. Our Corn Meal is a coarser ground than the flour and can be used to batter meat and vegetables also.

Rich and flavorful and perfect in corn breads and corn cakes and can be combined with our Non-GMO Corn Flour if you want a finer corn meal with some texture.

Try our Non-GMO Corn Meal in baked goods as well for a light and crumble texture!

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I highly, highly recommend MPS Farms Mare and Foal. We have a yearling filly and two mares that are hopefully in foal. The difference in all 3 of these horses in less than a month is short of unbelievable.

Amy Gossett

Our Pigs and Chickens LOVE their feed from MPS Farms. We won’t buy from anywhere else.

Danielle Crawford Cleaton

We are using MPS chicken layer, scratch and the cattle feed. Animals love the feed. We love that the feed is NON-GMO and we absolutely love to buy local.

Ina Radtke
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How Good is Canola Oil for You?

Canola oil has been called both the “world’s healthiest cooking oil” and a “poison.” Obviously there is much misunderstanding and misinformation. The oil comes from a specially bred variety of rapeseed, a yellow-flowering plant in the Brassicaceae (cabbage) family, developed by Canadian scientists in the 1970s. Its name is a contraction of Canadian and ola (meaning oil).

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